The Body Healer
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Learn how to fill your body with the healthiest foods on the planet.  Using these healthy foundations for your meals and drinks, not only will you provide your body with the highest quality nutrition, but you also give the organs and tissues of your body an overhaul.  The result?  A stronger and more resilient immune system which means less sickness; quicker recovery from illness; stronger bones; higher energy; and a clarity of mind and focus.

Avocado & mango salad  

healthy foundations

Salads built with the right combination fresh, whole foods nourish and sustain our body at the cellular level. 

Learn how to avoid the 2 biggest pitfalls that can quickly transform a wonderfully healthy salad into a high fat, high calorie energy drain.

Ratatouille   healthy foundations


We begin with a foundation of your favorite veggies, and then explore the fun we can have creating exciting combos.

Learn how create flavorful meals filled with only healthy fats and healthy, highly nutritious ingredients. 

Fig dip   healthy foundations

Appetizers & Dips

From tart to sweet to sour to citrusy, it's easy and fun to create healthy dips that can make even the blandest veggies exciting.

Learn how to create a variety of textures and flavors using common fruits and veggies, and a basic blender.

Fruit kebabs   healthy foundations


When it comes to desserts, the healthiest and yummiest come straight from fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, and natural sweeteners.

Learn how to get creative using a base of your favorite fresh and dried fruits, and the big difference between natural vs. artificial sweeteners.

Berry cherry smoothie   healthy foundations

Juices & Smoothies

Create smoothies brimming with immune-boosting antioxidants and other life-giving nutrients.

Learn how to avoid the high fat and high calorie pitfalls common in many smoothie recipes. 

Water with berries   healthy foundations


Transform your water into an exciting experience with the flavors and sweetness of nature.

Get excited about ditching the processed sugars, chemicals, and other health-depleting ingredients in sodas and commercial juices.