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Pet Food Recalls

Toxic pet foodEvery one of the major US pet food manufacturers have been involved in serious pet food recalls that caused the sickness and/or death of many pets.  This includes all three private label companies who produce dozens of private label pet food brands for companies such as WalMart (Ol' Roy) and Kroger (President's Choice).(1)  Ingredients in dried kibble are found to be the culprit.

When major problems are recognized in a pet food, the pet food manufacturer usually works with the FDA to coordinate a recall of all products affected.  While some of the biggest recalls have had devastating health consequences that have been widely publicized, many others have received little publicity.  

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Contaminated Jerky

Contaminated chicken jerkySince 2007, the FDA has been aware of the illnesses in pets associated with the consumption of jerky pet treats.  As of September 24, 2013, it has received approximately 3,000 reports of pet illnesses that may be related to consumption of the jerky treats, most sourced from China.  The reports involve more than 3,600 dogs, 10 cats, and include more than 580 deaths.

Even though the FDA themselves have determined most of the contaminated jerky is sourced from China, they have done nothing to ban its importation.  Not only that, but the FDA has left it in the hands of the pet food manufacturers to decide whether or not these treats should be recalled.  Luckily, over 100 brands of jerky treats have been voluntarily recalled by these manufacturers due to the alarming reports of kidney failure.

If your pet's food or treats are recalled

  1. Immediately stop feeding the item to your pet.  You can either return the recalled product to the store where you purchased them for a full refund, or dispose of them in such a manner where they are not accessible to pets, children, or wildlife.  If your pet has consumed the recalled product, take note of the recall and consult your vet, even if you pet is not showing any obvious symptoms.  

  2. Notify friends, family, and neighbors who have pets and may have also purchased the same products, and advise them to do the same.

  3. If your pet experiences ANY health consequences, immediately file a complaint with the FDA complaint coordinator in your state.

Consider Home-Cooked Food & Treats

The best way you can minimize the possibility of contaminated pet food and treat products is to choose a home-cooked diet (or include some home-cooked items in your pet's food to reduce the amount of commercial food).  When it comes to treats, consider baking your own!

Home-Cooked Diet

Many pet owners feed their pets home-cooked meals, including myself.  For years, I fed my pups commercials foods.  But today, not only are there too many recalls on too many pet food products to worry about, but the failure of the FDA to protect both human and commercial pet food is even more concerning.

Our dog absolutely loves her home-cooked diet.  Not only that, but with the simple yet nutritious ingredients I use, it is not much more expensive at all.

Home-cooked diet for pets...

Paw print cookie cutter

Bake Your Own Cookies

Not only are they cheaper, but they are easy to make, and you can prepare them in batches.  Check out our two favorite recipes - Nibblicious Crunchies and Lickety Loaf.

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