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Anti-Inflammatory & Immune Suppressing Drugs

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Natural medicine has a very different view of inflammation as compared to traditional medicine, which aims to suppress it with drugs.  The problem is that the immune system produces inflammation for a reason, and artificially suppressing it does not address the root cause of why the inflammation exists.  Immunosuppressant drugs also suppress the immune system, severely compromising its ability to both heal the body and protect it against other conditions and diseases.

A traditional doctor will rarely advise reducing pharmaceutical medications, even though they are fully aware of the toxic nature of these drugs and their very serious side effects.  This is because they are not trained in understanding the interconnected nature of diet and physical health, nor are they trained in natural methods of disease prevention such as nutrition & stress reduction.  

Yet you will receive very little education on the subject from your doctor because, in all fairness, their expertise is not on diet and nutrition.  Doctors are limited to using the tools in their toolbox and focus on trying to reduce symptoms (including pain) with drugs, even though these drugs, especially anti-cancer drugs, both suppress and cause permanent damage to the immune system.

The top 3 killer diseases of today:
Heart disease

are ENTIRELY preventable through diet

This is in no way an attack on physicians who do the best they can with the training they have.  More and more are now recognizing the serious deficiencies of our healthcare system, and are doing the best they can to function within it.  Many are beginning to expand their practice to incorporate more natural and non-invasive methods of healthcare.

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Cold or flu?  Avoid Over-the-Counter Drugs That Suppress Inflammation

When we suffer from the common cold or the flu, our body produces a fever to help us get rid of the virus quicker and feel better sooner.  When we take common over-the-counter drugs such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, or Tylenol, it can be counterproductive as it suppresses the body's own ability to produce the antibodies that kill the offending pathogens.  The result?  It takes the body longer to combat the cold and increases our chance of getting a secondary infections.(1)

Immune Suppressing Drugs Damage Our Immune System

Chemotherapy drugsThe list of potential side effects for most prescription drugs is taken far too lightly by most people.  Many drugs taken now for extended periods of time may later create secondary conditions worse than the original illness the drugs were treating.  

When immune-suppressing drugs are taken for a chronic disease, they have the serious side effect of permanently impairing the immune system and its ability to fight other diseases and infections.  Chemotherapy treatments for cancer are an example of medications that not only attack cancer cells, but also attacks other healthy cells, including those found in the bone marrow and other parts of the immune system.  This is why the recurrence rate on some cancers are high (breast cancer has a 1 in 5 recurrence rate within 10 years of treatment).(2)   If the disease recurs a second time, the body is much less able to defend itself the second time around. 

Sometimes, anti-inflammatory and immune-suppressing drugs not only fail to help us, but they can cause gradual health deterioration.  With nothing left in their toolbox, traditional doctors are not able to offer anything better than a limited "timeline."

How to Support Yourself On These Drugs

Anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant drugs should be used with extreme caution, and only along with other important healing elements such as diet, exercise, removal of stress, and natural therapies.  When the condition enters remission, these elements will strengthen the body immeasurably to not only fully cure the body, but also prevent any future recurrence.

It is very important that if you choose to take immunosuppressant drugs, that you also:

  1. Spend time understanding the root cause of your condition.  Chronic disease and autoimmune conditions were unheard of before the chemicalization and industrialization of our food chain.  Take a look at the top 12 offenders (which I "unaffectionately" call the Dirty Dozen") and see how much of a role they play in your life, and if they do, nix them IMMEDIATELY.

  2. Understand that by their very nature these drugs compromise the immune system, and thoroughly understand the side effects of the drug.

  3. Do your very best to provide your body with the tools it needs to self-heal while taking the medication.  A highly nutritious diet of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and stress reduction should be right at the very top of the list.

  4. As your condition improves through dietary and lifestyle changes, work with your doctor on slowly but steadily reducing these medications to their lowest dosage.  If your doctor is not open to working with you on this, then seriously consider another doctor with a more holistic approach to health.

When experiencing a chronic health issue, a natural healthcare practitioner who specializes in working with chronic disease understands the critical link between diet and health.  They will always recommend a cleansing and detoxifying diet.  If you are taking any anti-inflammatory medications, as you continue on a diet high on anti-inflammatory foods, under your doctor's supervision reduce the medication slowly and carefully until it is no longer needed.

Drugs such as prednisone are sometimes necessary when we are fighting a serious condition such as cancer, but these drugs are very dangerous and toxic, and the goal should be to eliminate them as soon as possible.  When we have an illness requiring these drugs, it is very important to NOT suddenly stop taking these drugs while you adopt the diet your body needs to heal itself.  Instead, work closely with a healthcare practitioner on slowly, but steadily, reducing these drugs as your health improves.  If you continue to reduce the medication and pain returns, increase the dose to the level where pain is easily tolerable and continue with the detoxifying diet.  

With this approach, not only is inflammation reduced, but the immune system is no longer suppressed by synthetic medications.  

Remember... Immunosuppressant drugs work by artificially suppressing inflammation and our immune system.  By providing the body with the tools it needs to heal (the right diet and lifestyle habits), and removing the things that cause it harm (the dirty dozen), we can drastically increase the ability of the body to naturally heal itself.

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The Fatal Cost of Medical Errors & Medication Side Effects

"Medication errors, unnecessary surgery, hospital/doctor preventable errors, hospital infections, and adverse drug reactions (ADRs) from medications are a leading cause of death in the US."


The impact of medication errors, unnecessary surgery, hospital/doctor preventable errors, hospital born infections, and adverse side effects from prescription drugs are a leading cause of death in the US - to the degree that some estimate it to be the #3 killer behind cancer and heart disease.

The quality of health care is so poor in the US, that in a recent comparison of 13 countries, it ranked 12th - second from the bottom behind Japan, Sweden, Canada, France, Australia, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, and Belgium.(3)

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