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Can you see your own aura? Of course you can! Learn how...

The aura is the energy field that extends from all living things, and it is constantly interacting with the surrounding energies in our environment.  Some people can see this energy field, but most perceive it unconsciously (for example, when you feel anger or tension in a room where people are arguing, or have a vague sense of somebody's personality before you have interacted with them).

With a little bit of practice, everyone can learn to consciously see the aura with their naked eye, although some individuals are able to naturally see the aura without any practice or training. These individuals have naturally expanded their sensory perception beyond the five physical senses.  When we learn to physically see the aura, we too then begin the process of expanding our sensory perception and awareness, and the subtle information which the brain normally filters out will then become fully accessible to us.

The aura protects the body from harmful energies by filtering out unhealthy energies and energies it does not resonate with, and absorbing energies that are needed and which it does resonate with.  When we feel excited, happy, optimistic, and self-assured, our aura emanates frequencies matching this emotion, and attracts to us other people and situations matching this frequency.  Likewise, when we feel depressed, unhappy, pessimistic, angry, or frustrated, people and situations which resonate to these frequencies will be attracted to us.

The “glow” of the aura can be photographed using a special type of photography called Kirlian photography.  In fact, if you focus on a specific color before having your picture taken with Kirlian photography, you will then see a haze of the color in swirls and patterns in the photograph.  Focus on a different color and get your picture taken again, and voila!  The picture will then show a swirly haze of that color.  Kirlian photography shows us how easily the human energy field can be affected. Our thoughts are energy, and energy has a direct and very powerful impact on our bodies, our surroundings, and on the energy of other living things.

How to See Your Aura

Learning how to see your aura and the aura of those around you is easy!  It can be learned by anyone within a very short period of time.  To practice on yourself, all you will need is a relatively large mirror through which you can see at least the upper half of your body.

  1. Choose an area where you will not be disturbed for at least 10-15 mins. Stand before a large mirror through which you can clearly see the immediate area around your head, shoulders, and chest.  A bathroom mirror often serves as the ideal size.  You can either sit or stand for this exercise. The important point is that you should be able to clearly see your upper body through the mirror.  If possible, ensure that the wall behind you is free from objects such as towels and pictures - you want to ideally see only yourself in the reflection, and not other objects.  The lighter the color of the wall, the easier the aura will be to see.  Avoid using a wall with "busy wallpaper".

  2. Step back at least 2 ft. from the mirror.  If you can, sit or stand with your back against the wall.  While gazing through the mirror, begin to deepen your breath and focus your eyes about 3 to 4 inches above your head, and either slightly to the right or the left.  Keep your gaze steady and focused on this point throughout the entire exercise and do not become distracted and look elsewhere.  Relax your mind, and fall into a deep, rhythmic breath.

  3. As you continue to focus your gaze, out of your peripheral vision you will begin to see a rim of energy surrounding your body.  Continue to hold your gaze steady on the spot, and do NOT look at this rim (you will find it will fade or disappear if you do).  The rim of energy will become stronger and brighter.  At this point, you may also begin to see other colors forming around your body out of your peripheral vision.  Continue to relax, breathe deeply, and simply observe with your eyes gazing at the same spot.

Continue for as long as you feel comfortable. At first, you may only see a small, thin rim of energy surrounding your body.  You may see a bright, white rim, or you may see one or more colors.  With practice, you will find that your ability to see more will grow with each session.  You will also find that you become able to see these colors directly instead of only out of your peripheral vision.  

Throughout the day, use the following daily affirmation which will help you quickly develop your new ability:

I now clearly see my aura and the aura of all living things that surround me.

Use a notebook to keep track of the different colors and shapes what you see as the sessions progress.  You will also find that as your ability to see your aura improves, you will begin to automatically see the auras of those around you.  Sometimes it will happen unexpectedly (for example, during a conversation).  This is often the case with individuals who are overemotional and who are excited, angry, or frustrated - hazes of red and orange colors may suddenly become visible around their head or shoulders.   The energy around plants and animals will also become visible.  As you learn to develop your ability to see energy fields, you will feel a great sense of excitement as a whole new world of perception opens up to you!




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