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Do You Use Liquid Oils in Your Diet? If So, Read On...

The healthier we become, the more we begin to include healthier food choices in our diet.  These include more fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, and nixing the processed foods.  We make fresh fruit and veggie juices and smoothies filled with healthy ingredients.  We quickly become so proud of our new healthy eating habits!  

But what we also sometimes do is begin incorporating liquid oils into our diets because we have become convinced we need these oils to be healthy.  Coconut oil, flax seed oil, avocado oil, and other oils are poured liberally into our smoothies and over our salads and/or are taken as supplements.  

First of all, let's clear up an important myth.  Liquid oils are NOT "health" foods! 

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Can you see your own aura? Of course you can! Learn how...

The aura is the energy field that extends from all living things, and it is constantly interacting with the surrounding energies in our environment.  Some people can see this energy field, but most perceive it unconsciously (for example, when you feel anger or tension in a room where people are arguing, or have a vague sense of somebody's personality before you have interacted with them).

With a little bit of practice, everyone can learn to consciously see the aura with their naked eye, although some individuals are able to naturally see the aura without any practice or training. These individuals have naturally expanded their sensory perception beyond the five physical senses.  When we learn to physically see the aura, we too then begin the process of expanding our sensory perception and awareness, and the subtle information which the brain normally filters out will then become fully accessible to us.

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How to Eliminate Cellulite Permanently

CELLULITE!  It causes millions of women to run screaming from a bathing suit.  It's created a multi-billion dollar industry of products that consistently fail to produce any success.  It causes us to feel self-conscious and change our summer clothing habits so we can hide it and undergo expensive surgeries and use crazy devices in desperate attempts to get rid of it.  How is it possible that after so many years, cellulite remains the biggest beauty concern worldwide?

The answer to that question lies in two words:  INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  Product manufacturers bank on the fact they can lure consumers in with false promises of quick results, effectively turning our gaze away from the simple fact that you don't need to waste your money on any of these products to be cellulite-free.  Why?  Because once you understand the true cause of cellulite, you'll see that you have the power to quickly and easily get rid of it for good.

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Natural DIY Bug Sprays (safer & more effective than DEET!)

This summer, our family spent several weeks in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.  I was excited for the adventure!  I knew it would be hot, and I knew the humidity would be an adjustment (especially compared to Colorado and the west coast where we live).  I mentally prepared myself and was pleasantly surprised to find I adapted much better than I expected.  But... what I was NOT prepared for were the bugs that almost sent me running from the state screaming in panic!

After being bitten repeatedly on the legs by "who knows what" and witnessing flying creatures that looked like they migrated from another planet, I knew I had to do something.  I quickly went to work creating 3 natural bug sprays for my family and our pup.  Easy to make, these products are more effective than DEET and other toxic sprays that contain cancer-causing and hormone-disrupting chemicals.

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