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How to Spot Signs From the Universe in Everyday Life

Are there days when everything you do seems charmed?  You feel like you're effortlessly flying through your day.  You get the parking spot closest to the store; you end up getting 2-for-1 of your favorite product; an unexpected check arrives in the mail.  Your day is literally filled with a-ha! moments, and everything is just dandy!  What you are experiencing is a state of balance, and your intuition telling you that you are right on track with where you need to be.

But about days when everything seems to go wrong from the second you get out of bed?  You end up late for work and for an important meeting; you trip and hurt yourself; speeding to work, you get pulled over for a ticket; you get into a big argument with a loved one; an unexpected bill suddenly cause a big financial strain.  You name it and it's not going right.  How about a recent string of bad luck that seems to be gaining power like a runaway train.  What gives?

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Looking For a Food or Supplement to Heal You? If so, STOP!

People often ask me, "can you tell me what supplement will cure my.....?" or "I've been told I should take a multivitamin.  Which one do you recommend?"  

Convinced their issue is a quick-fix, the first thing most people do is to look outside of themselves to fix a problem, rather than getting down to the root cause of why they are ill and addressing that root cause.  In looking for instant gratification from pain or discomfort, we nearly always reach out for supplements and prescriptions and forget to ask the important question:

"What dietary or lifestyle habits may have created my condition to begin with, so that I may not only heal myself, but also understand and remove the cause?"

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Having Fun With Food - Check It Out!

Although I may not enjoy cooking very much (and hate cleaning up after cooking even more!), I do love food and love getting creative with it.  It's amazing what you can do with a selection of fruits and vegetables and a sharp knife.  

After doing some research online and with lots of help from Pinterest, we decided to have a fun food day creating different shapes and pictures with our favorite healthy foods.  If you're planning on preparing food for a special occasion such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving, check this out!

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Filling Your Day With Smiles & Priceless Moments

How much of your day do you actively spend doing things that make you happy, things that make you smile?  From the moment you wake up in the morning, how much time do you spend thinking about the things you could do throughout your day that would make you feel good?  

For most of us, from the moment we get out of bed we get started on a routine that involves work, taking care of the kids, preparing meals, running errands, and doing daily chores.  The last thing on our minds is how to fit in a good dose of smiles and laughter!  In today's blog, I'm going to talk about how we can easily transform our day into a much happier and more fulfilling one by simply changing our approach to how we do things.  Call it a happiness prescription!

Let's start with smiling, and finding all the things in our life that we have to smile about.  It can be our loved ones, our pets, or an upcoming exciting event or trip.  For me, waking up in a warm, comfy bed with soft and poofy pillows is enough to put the first big smile on my face.  I realize how lucky I am to have such a cozy spot to climb into every night.  Next, a few minutes cuddling and smooching with the hubby and the pup before all three of us have a howling session for a couple of minutes helps set the tone for my entire day.  And yep, I mean a REAL howling session (one of the awesome privileges of having an Alaskan Malamute is that you always have a partner in howling!).

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